Can The Roomba Robotic Vacuum Recapture Noise and Friction Energy to Extend Battery Life

There are some super personal technologies out there today. The world is getting to be a very exciting place in that regard. Consider if you will every new rendition of the iPhone is better than the last, and the competition is working hard to catch up, and bettering their own products. This is great for the consumer. We get all the latest and greatest technologies as they are brought from the research universities in the applied sciences departments and into fruition in the free-marketplace. Now then, I have a new concept that I’d like to run by you that could help upgrade the Rumba robotic vacuum cleaner.

We all know that noise is energy, and it takes energy to make sound. We also know that vacuum cleaners make noise and sound, and we should be collecting that noise, rather than letting it go to waste, or irritate us. Since the little Rumba vacuum cleaner, although it doesn’t make much noise, it does make some, therefore we should recapture it, the noise that is, and use it to trickle charge the battery. Next, we know that if we rub our feet on the carpet and then touch something we let off a shock. This is because we are trading electrons with the carpet due to the friction we create.

We do know that a Rumba running across the floor and the carpet will pick up that static energy from the friction as well. And there’s no reason it couldn’t charge the battery with a trickle charge each time it shocks itself. Now then, if we were to do this, we would be recapturing some of that lost energy, therefore the Rumba robotic vacuum cleaner could go longer between charges, meaning it could vacuum for a longer period of time before it goes and docks back up to its recharging station. How much would these new features cost to implement in each new Rumba?

If this were done on a mass scale it wouldn’t cost that much, and would also mean that the little battery inside the Rumba could become smaller. A smaller battery weighs less, therefore it takes less energy to power it across the floor, meaning you could have a smaller motor and still do the same amount of work. In other words, adding these new features might be no cost at all, and it would be zeroed out by the energy it saves and the fact that this little device could operate with a smaller battery, and batteries are a big part of the cost. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

irobot roomba robot vacuum cleaners
irobot roomba robot vacuum cleaners


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