Home Cleaning Appliances Face-Off Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Not too long ago, choosing a vacuum was probably one of the simplest tasks to face. Going to the local appliance retailer would provide a selection of a few vacuum types to choose from. As technology advanced though, so did the concept of home cleaning. Gone are the days of simplistic options. Choosing the proper vacuum takes into account consideration of style, capability, price, and deciding if it is a standard vacuum or a robot vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner was first patented in 1860 by American Daniel Hess of Iowa. Since its introduction, models have become more efficient, less heavy, and more complex in performance. Just what are the differences between normal vacuum cleaners and robot vacuum cleaners? How do the compare and which gives the most bang for the buck?

The traditional vacuum cleaner is available in stick, upright, or canister models. They can be used for cleaning up dirt and debris, and some models can be used for liquid clean up. The problem with the normal vacuum is that it is not very flexible. Sometimes limitations in reaching spaces still leave a dirty floor.

Turning corners and cleaning in angles or around and under objects is another difficulty experienced with a normal vacuum. These challenges were addressed by the cleaning industry with product revolution. There have been significant advances in cleaning technology. The new trend is to make use of a robot vacuum cleaner.

The iRobot vacuum cleaners offer most any feature that can be desired. As with the normal vacuum, each model offers different features and benefits. What is appealing about these vacuum cleaners is that its compact size allows it to reach areas that a normal vacuum could not, without moving furniture or utilizing cumbersome attachments. What really makes the iRobot series so popular? How about not having to take the time to vacuum the old-fashioned way?

A Roomba offers one touch technology and frees up the owners time to do other things. A thorough vacuuming can take up a good hour of time or more depending on the area being cleaned. Also not all vacuums can be used for all surfaces without adjustments. Roomba technology allows the device to self adjust to the surface of the floor making a transition from hardwood to linoleum to tile to carpet a snap. What is even better is that all that’s needed is to push a button or set a timer for automatic cleaning.

The Scooba is a floor washing device that makes use of a 3-phase cleaning system. The Scooba washes, scrubs, and then will squeegee the floor leaving just a task of sweeping. Not to worry though, the iRobot Roomba can go behind and take care of that clean-up. No matter what the clean-up worry, simple programming can ensure cleanliness at the touch of a button. Pet dander, pet hair, those pesky dirt trails that are left behind from shoes across the floor will all be a thing of the past.

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