LAQULITO CZ-S01 robot vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter

Robotic vacuum cleaner Laqulito CZ-S01 can detect and clean dust particles with 0,3 mikrons in size, according to manufacturer. It is equiped with advanced HEPA filter and dust bin capacitiy of 0,25 liters.

Best Robotic Vacuum for Older People or With Weak Eyesight

It is very good for older people or those with weaker eyesight as it can clean really small dust particle and mold spores. The dust or spores will not be spreaded because HEPA filter keeps them secured inside. Square shape makes it good for cleaning squares which usually unreachable for other models.

The charging stand is vertical so it saves space. When battery os low, it will return to close proximity to charging stand, but it will not autorecharge as it need to bo put in the stand.

Improved sensors enable avoiding obstacles, walls and falling of the stairs. Sometimes sensors cannot see glas or other see-through obstacles. There are three modes of cleaning “spiral”, “wall Tsutai” and “random”, but each model is sure to clean corners. It can go over obstacle 7,5 mm high making possible to go on carpets on its own.


Power Input: AC100V 50-60Hz Output: DC15V
Battery (About 1 year exchange standard) lithium-ion battery 10.8V
Charging time About 5 hours
Time for continuous run About 50 minutes maximum
Dust collection volume About 0.25L
Body size (Including the height of the wheels) 70mm height width 260 × depth 264 ×
Base machine mass 1.6kg (including rechargeable battery)
Length AC adapter cord About 1.2m
The set includes Charging stand (one) and rotating brush (one) · AC adapter (1) Rechargeable Battery (1) Aroma tray (1) Aroma pad (2 sheets)

laqulito automatic robot vacuum cleaner with hepa filter
laqulito automatic robot vacuum cleaner with hepa filter

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