Meet bObi: the mighty, the fabulous!

bObi, the new generation of robotic cleaning from bObsweep Canada is finally here!

Meet bObi the mighty the fabulous

Packing all her advanced features under just 3.2 inches, bObi’s slim design allows her to glide under furniture and squeeze in tight spots to sweep away dust, hair, and debris from areas we rarely clean. Innovative technology and creative design are what make bObi the amazing wonder she is.
The two back to back main brushes double bObi’s sweeping power, while the side brush takes care of the corners. bObi’s brush motor is made stronger via the main control board, driving the brush bristles deeper into the floors, so bObi is able to use more power when needed to sweep and suck up heavy dust sitting around the house.

The innovation that bObi embodies come with no compromises: bObi complies, inside and out, with guidelines for Restriction of Hazardous Substances, making her a conscious friend to humans, animals and the environment.

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