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Pyle pucrc90 robot vacuum cleaner



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Pyle PUCRC90 Programmable Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Pyle PUCRC90 is an Automatic Programmable Cleaner with Auto Home Clean Carpet and Hardwood Floor with Self Activation and Charge Dock. It's Hepa Pet Hair and Allergies Friendly, Robot Vacuum cleaner at a very affordable price.

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Notable Features of Pyle Pucrc90 Robot Vacuum

  • This pyle pucrc90 robot vacuum's Powerful 24w suction and dual rotating sweepers eliminate the need for rotating underbrush - no clogging or malfunction caused by cat or dog hair! Hepa filter is great for allergies and catches fine particles and keeps them locked away in the easy to clean dust bin.
  • Scheduled activation Keeps your home quiet and peaceful. Programmable scheduler self activation automatically runs vac at any scheduled time while you are away. Robo cleans tile, hard carpet and hardwood floor.
  • Because of its dual rotating side brushes extend the reach of the vacuum and rotate to catch dirt and debris on open floor or along walls or edges in your house.
  • Because of its automatic recharge dock, the robot vacuum seeks the charging dock after it is finished or on low battery - Built-in rechargeable battery allows for 90 minutes of cleaning before returning to the electric charger.
  • The wireless vacuum robot features a 3.1” low profile will travel through any room and is small enough to fit under the couch or bed in your house. The robo vac has auto detect anti fall cliff sensors that will divert the Bot away from stairs or ledges. So' it's also a low mini profile robovac as well.


pyle pureclean pucrc90 review


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Key Features and Technologies Used in Pucrc90

Schedule Activation

With Programmable scheduler self activation, this Pyle Pucrc90 automatically runs vacuum at any scheduled time while you are away.

Scheduled Activation pucrc90

No More Power Shutdown

Pyle Pureclean Pucrc90 Self induced electric quantity, automatic return to charge when the when it is about to run out of power.

pucrc90 review


Applicable Almost All Surfaces

Pucrc90 Easy to clean all kinds of floors, marble, carpet, ceramic tile and so on, solve the problem of cleaning the floor completely.

Applicable Almost All Surfaces pucrc90

Smart Sensor

Pucrc90 Smart vacuum sweeper has built-in IR sensor preventing it from running off ledges and from directly running into obstacles.

Smart Sensor pucrc90


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Pyle Pucrc26b vs Pucrc90 vs Pucrc95 vs Pucrc750

Dimensions (Inches) 11.0’’ x 11.0’’ x 2.9’’ 11.8’’ x 11.8’’ x 3.1’’ 11.8’’ x 11.8’’ x 3.1" 11.8" x 11.8" x 3"
Dust Bin Capacity 0.2L 0.3L 0.3L 0.4L
Vacuum Operation Run-Time 55 Minutes 90 Minutes 90 Minutes 120 Minutes (full charge)
Controls One Button Operation, Auto-Start Activation, Manually One Button Operation, Auto-Start Activation, Wireless Remote, Manually One Button Operation, Auto-Start Activation, Wireless Remote, Manually One Button Operation, Auto-Start Activation, Wireless Remote, Manually
Additional Features HEPA filter HEPA filters, Built-in Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery HEPA filters, Built-in Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery Upgraded suspension and programming, HEPA filters, Built-in Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery, anti-drop and anti-bump features
Auto Charge Dock  
Cleaning Modes Auto/Random Spiral Edge Auto, Spiral, Edge, Zig-Zag Auto, Spiral, Edge, Zig-Zag Auto Spiral Edge Zig-Zag, V path and the S path
Scheduled Activation  
Mop Attachment   Dry Mop Available but Not Included Dry Mop Included Dry or Wet Mop Inlcuded
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Pyle Pucrc90 Manual

Product Manuals consists of many important instructions about the product we bought with our hard earned money. It's highly recommended to read product manual whether you like them or not.

In order to read pyle pucrc90 robot vacuum manual, please follow the link given below:

Pyle Pucrc90 Manual

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Pyle Pucrc90 Latest Price

In order to check latest price of Pyle Pureclean Pucrc90 Robot vacuum cleaner, Please follow the links given below:

Pyle Pureclean Pucrc90 Latest Price


Pyle pucrc90 review

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