Taurus Striker Mini robot vacuum cleaner


Taurus Striker Mini is an Automatic vacuum-cleaner with really compact design. Not everybody has large, spacious homes, not even enough storage space device after device, so thinking of all those who have space issues presented Taurus Striker mini vacuum cleaner.A small vacuum cleaner that works as great! Its design makes it accessible to areas where other robots do not fit, facilitating vacuuming under all kinds of furniture. These 26.5 cm allow you to save any space without taking up too much space.

Featuring 2 side brushes, the mini Striker clean the entire surface of your home reaching all corners and recesses. The two brushes rotate dragging dirt into his mouth suction without damaging floors or baseboards. The robot vacuum cleaner mini Striker Taurus also contains 3 anti-fall that detect steps and bumps, sensors and an anti-scratch band that prevents damaging the walls and furniture.

The Striker mini uses a 14.4 V battery, which translates into a powerful suction allows you to suck all the dust in its path. Its range with fully charged batteries is 75 minutes and includes lights that mark at all times the state of charge of the batteries. Striker Mini robotic vacuum cleaner is suitable to clean pet’s hair. It depends on the type of floor where you want to clean. If pet’s hair is in the carpet it’s possible you will need to activate your Striker mini two or three times, but if the pet’s hair is on the floor, Striker mini will completely vacuum it from the first attempt.

For perfect cleaning robot vacuum cleaner Striker mini includes mopping function, which will leave the shiny floors and completely remove dirt. To use it you just have to attach the mop that is included when you purchase and activate your Striker mini vacuum cleaner. The mop cloth is disposable and can easily get spares in all supermarkets and specialty stores.

Compact design: diameter 23’5 cm
Two side brushes
Mop and vacuum cleaner function
3 Antifall sensor
Battery status indicator lamp
Autonomy: 75 min
Anti-scratching protection strip

Taurus Striker Mini robot vacuum cleaner

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